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Stamped findings are usually made with Brass which is mostly copper with zinc added. Castings are made of lead with a small amount of tin added.

Brass is easy to work with and can be stamped into virtually any shape.  After purchase, stampings can be further manipulated to make unique designs. They can be cut, dapped, or solder together to make entirely different looking pieces. This allows the designer a wide degree of creativity. Castings are not easily put together or modified, so you do not have the latitude to you need to create unique looking jewelry.

Brass can be plated in almost all finishes: antiques, hematite etc. Some designers choose not to plate brass because of its' natural color. Casting are porous and need nickel under finishes before plating.

Brass is light.  Larger styles can be designed.  Earrings made from brass are comfortable to wear. Pins made in brass sit better on jackets and sweaters. Castings are much heavier.

Brass contains no lead or nickel. Earrings made from brass can truly be hypoallergenic. Castings mostly contain lead and need nickel plating.  Lead and nickel can cause skin irritations  

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